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  • Certification prep learning paths for AWS, Azure, GCP, and more
  • Our entire Training Library of interactive, video-based courses
  • Exams and quizzes to identify knowledge gaps
  • Practice certification exams to build confidence
  • Our Tech Skills Training Camp Playbook to guide your learning journey
  • Hands-on labs: learn step-by-step using actual accounts on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Lab challenges: troubleshoot complex scenarios without guidance using live environments
  • Lab playgrounds: explore and test your own ideas in sandboxed environments — without installing any software

Get certification training in real cloud environments

Want to make the most out of your free week? Jump into a certification learning path and test drive the labs.

Why get certified?

Getting certified shows that you have some of the most in-demand and profitable skills in the industry, though there are countless certifications to choose from. Cloud providers — such as AWS and Azure — offer foundational certifications, which are designed to validate a candidate’s overall understanding. Foundational cloud certifications for beginners include AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

What’s the most effective way to learn for a certification?

Theory is great, but there’s nothing like getting reps on real deployments to make you ready to ace the next cert exam — and as you might know, more and more exams have lab components.

How to get started

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2. Get the app

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Free Week on Cloud Academy

About Cloud Academy

At Cloud Academy, we’re customer- and product-obsessed. It’s our mission to understand what our users want and need, so we can help to empower their learning goals. Our goal is to assist both personal and enterprise users to build hands-on technical skills that drive measurable results. With our enterprise-grade platform, you can assess, develop, and validate technical skills with structured learning paths that provide the theory and hands-on practice to master the skills you need in the real world.

  • Technology training material that’s trusted by the world’s most distinguished organizations
  • Crafted by leading industry experts who love to train
  • Training content is always fresh and up-to-date

Cloud Academy for enterprise

We built Cloud Academy around the needs of our Fortune 100 clients. From demonstrable security to fast, flexible deployments of thousands of seats, we provide total control and predictability in up-leveling your organization’s skills and enabling you to deliver on challenging technical projects.



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